Hamilton County Probation - 800 Braodway

ATTENTION: If you are scheduled to meet with your Probation Officer, please call before appearing for your appointment.Thank you.

Hamilton County Adult Probation

800 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202


The Hamilton County Probation Department is committed to following the orders of the Court, and implementing evidence based programming to change offender behavior.

The department believes in the opportunity for change and is committed to holding offenders accountable for their actions.

The department supports the vision of service to all neighborhoods within Hamilton County.

Patrick X. Dressing

Court Administrator

Joe Elfers

Assistant Chief Probation Officer

Common Pleas Division, 5th Floor

Phone: 513-946-9666

Fax: 513-946-9805

Jerry Campbell

Assistant Chief Probation Officer

Municipal Court Division, 4th Floor

Phone: 513-946-9600

Fax: 513-946-9801