Juror Re-issue a Check

Re-Issue a Check


Frequently checks issued to jurors are misplaced/not received.  The Jury Commission Office is committed to ensuring that all jurors entitled to compensation for their service receive their check.  With that in mind, please use the link below to email the Jury Commission Office if you believe for any reason that your check should be re-issued.  We will investigate each request and if the check was indeed not cashed we will start the process to re-issue the check.

The process for receiving a new check can be rather lengthy (2-4 weeks).  If you still have the original check in your possession we will need that original check to mailed back to our office in order for a new check to be issued.  If the check is not yet stale, and the original check has been lost, a form will be mailed to the payee that verifies they have not yet found or cashed the check.  Upon return of that form the check can then be mailed to the payee.

Please include in your request the following information: Status of Old Check (lost, not received, stale, etc.), Juror Name, Current Juror Address, Dates of Service for which new check is required, and a copy of the old check (if check has gone stale).

Application to Re-Issue Check