Municipal Civil Rules

(Local) Rules of Civil Procedure*
Table of Contents


RULE I Case Numbered
RULE II Sessions of Court
RULE III Docket and Records
RULE IV Assignment of Cases for Disposition
RULE V Motions
RULE VI Jury Demand
RULE VII Selection of Jurors
RULE VIII Hearing in Banc
RULE IX Attorney or Court Officer as Surety
RULE X Court Index
RULE XI Cognovit Note Procedure and Confession of Judgment
RULE XII Appearance and Withdrawal of Counsel
RULE XIII Custody of Papers
RULE XIV Trusteeship
RULE XV Small Claims Division
RULE XVI Discovery
RULE XVII Replevins
RULE XVIII Filing Fees (Civil Division)**
RULE XIX Accuracy And Procedure
RULE XX Fair Debt Collection Practices
RULE XXI Evictions
RULE XXII Rent Escrow
RULE XXIII Garnishments
RULE XXIV Procedure for Appeal of Eviction by Magistrate
RULE XXV Special Process Server (Evictions)
RULE XXVI Case Management in Civil Cases
RULE XXVII Small Claims Mediation
RULE XXVIII Electronic Transmission Filings

Effective Date
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* These rules usually are updated the same day changes are made and may be considered the latest version of the Municipal Court's local rules.

**In accordance with R.C. 1901.26(A)(1) the court may waive the requirement for advance deposit [of filing fees] upon affidavit or other evidence that a party is unable to make the required deposit. An affidavit of indigency may be found HERE.


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