Probation Common Pleas Staff Directory


Last Name First Name Title Phone E-Mail
Adams  Brandon    Probation Officer 513-946-9673
Alexander Missi Probation Officer Specialist/Mental Health Court 513-946-9693
Bates Dominique Probation Officer/RCCC 513-946-6841
Beall Kenzi Probation Officer 513-946-9611
Beekman Abigail Probation Officer 513-946-9725
Burk Clint Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9731
Byrd Andrea Probation Officer Specialist/Mental Health Court 513-946-9722
Coaston Cynthia Probation Investigator/Community Service 513-946-9854
Corbett Elizabeth Probation Officer/PSI 513-346-5567
Ellis Roderick Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9685
George Jodie Assoc. Director of Community Service 513-946-9704
Haarmeyer Elizabeth Probation Officer Supervisor/Mental Heath Court & Sex Offenders 513-946-9661
Harper Gary Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9756
Hatfield Howard Probation Officer 513-946-9636
Howard Adam Probation Officer/Sub-Station 513-802-6596
Huber Kimberly Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9714
Jacobs Tammy Probation Investigator/Community Service 513-946-9750
Jefferies Kyndra Probation Officer/PSI 513-946-5557
Jones Doug Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9656
Kelley Jennifer Probation Officer/RCCC 513-946-6918
Kendall Christine Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9624
Kern Nick A Probation Officer/Sub-Station 513-477-6075
Kiley Brent Probation Officer/Drug Court 513-946-9647
Kohorst Dennis Probation Officer Supervisor/Inter/Intra-State Compact 513-946-5561
Lambers Joe Probation Officer Supervisor/ISP 513-946-9686
Lamons Justine Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9633
Laney Tashia ORAS Program Manager 513-946-9726
Lavely Sheena Probation Officer/PSI 513-946-5571
Mains Tim Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9649
Merz Courtney Probation Officer/Restitution 513-946-9650
Michnowicz Bill Probation Officer/Drug Court 513-946-9717
Mintsoulis Missy Probation Officer Supervisor/Drug Court 513-946-9729
Miyagawa Justin Probation Officer/Sub-Station 513-728-1271
Mossburger Brandon Probation Officer/Sub-station 513-477-2016
Mulligan Abbey Probation Officer Supervisor/ISP 513-946-9637
Neiheisel Jeremy Probation Officer/Sub-Station 513-324-7105
Noble Christopher Probation Officer Supervisor/Sub-Station 513-675-1399
O'Neill Cassidy Probation Officer/MDO 513-946-9692
Osika Mark Probation Officer Supervisor/Sub-Station 513-686-0631
Owens Brad Probation Officer/Drug Court 513-946-9776
Paty Taylor Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9682
Partlowe Brenda Probation Officer/MDO 513-946-9688
Rinckel Lisa Probation Officer Specialist/PSI 513-946-5563
Rose Laura Probation Officer 513-946-9858
Santillan Dolores Probation Officer/Veterans Court & Sex Offenders 513-946-9737
Schad Michael Probation Officer/Sub-Station 513-675-1419
Schott Jennifer Probation Officer/Drug Court 513-946-9753
Schroer Jim Probation Officer Supervisor/PSI 513-946-5568
Schultz Jacob Probation Officer 513-946-9651
Schwind John Probation Officer Supervisor/Sub-Station 513-728-1267
Seibert Charlie Probation Officer/Sub-Station 513-403-9991
Silvati Anthony Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9787
Staudigel Mark Probation Officer/ISP (RCCC) 513-946-6910
Swift Kevin Probation Officer/PSI 513-946-5564
Taylor Alexander Probation Officer/Sex Offenders 513-946-9701
Thompson Darian Probation Officer Supervisor/ISP 513-946-9608
Todd Victoria Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9657
Urban Brian Assoc. Chief Probation Officer of Sub-Stations 513-503-5365
Valerius Anne Probation Officer/MDO 513-946-9677
Wahl Jeff Probation Officer/Sub-Station 513-378-6339
Ward Patricia Probation Officer Supervisor 513-946-9617
Weiskopf Ryan Probation Officer/ISP 513-946-9767
Williamson Erica Probation Officer/Drug Court 513-946-9662
Winter Kelley Probation Officer/ISP Sex Offenders 513-946-9735