Attire and Security

Courthouse Attire, Etiquette, Security & Accommodations

Courthouse attire must be neat, clean and appropriate

No tank tops, no tube tops, no shorts above the knees, no hats, no do-rags, no caps.

The use of cellphones, pagers, cameras, or any other electronic devices is prohibited without permission of the Courts.

Violations are subject to contempt, seizure or ejection.

All persons entering the Courthouse and Justice Center are required to pass security screenings and metal detectors

**Deputy Sheriff's will no longer be issuing claim tickets for items deemed by them to be dangerous items.  This list includes, but is not limited to: pocket knives, scissors, mace, or any other weapon.  If you feel you have a dangerous item in your possession you will need to leave it in your car.  The Sheriff will not let you in the building with these items.**