Common Pleas Local Rules

The Court of Common Pleas has approved for publication and comment Proposed Local Rule 4 (General Division Administrative Judge).  Comments should be directed to Thomas O. Beridon, Interim Court Administrator, 1000 Main Street Rm 410 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 or  Comments will be accepted until the close of business on April 10, 2024.

Proposed Local Rule 4 (General Division Administrative Judge)

Local Rules Book Version - Effective 2-29-24

RULE 1. Scope and applicability of rules

RULE 2. Joint Session AND General Division Sessions

RULE 3. Presiding Judge, Assistant and Second Assistant Presiding Judges

RULE 4. General Division Administrative Judge

RULE 5. Terms of Court

RULE 6. Designation of official daily law journal

RULE 7. Individual assignment system

RULE 8. Juries

RULE 9. Deposit of security for costs

RULE 10. Trial Attorneys

RULE 11. Pleadings and other papers

RULE 12. Extensions of time to move or plead by stipulation

RULE 13. Default

RULE 14. Motions, memoranda and procedure thereon

Rule 14.1 Bond

Rule 14.2 Setting Aside Bond Forfeiture Judgements

RULE 15. Case management

RULE 16. Judgments upon warrant of attorney to confess

RULE 17. Journal entries

RULE 18. Disposition of cases called for trial

RULE 19. Judgment debtor examinations

RULE 20. Fees

RULE 21. Reserved

RULE 22. Notary public: examination and appointments

RULE 23: Magistrates

RULE 24 & 24.1. Reserved

RULE 25. Court administrator

RULE 26. Effective Date; Repeal; Amendments

RULE 27. Reserved

RULE 28. Reserved

RULE 29. Reserved

RULE 30. Media coverage of Court proceedings

RULE 31. Mediation

RULE 32. Reserved

RULE 33. Hamilton County Courthouse

RULE 34. Electronic Transmission Filings

RULE 35. Hamilton County Drug Treatment and Recover Court

RULE 36. Issuance of Warrant for Probation Violation (per Criminal Rule 4)

RULE 37. Civil Protection Order 

RULE 38. Court Record Retention

RULE 39. Return of Inmates for Forfeiture Proceedings

RULE 40. Reserved

RULE 41. Appointment of Special Prosecutor

RULE 42. DNA Testing

RULE 43. Reserved

RULE 44. Search Warrants

RULE 45. Foreclosure

RULE 46. Certificate of Qualification for Employment

RULE 47. Specialized Dockets

RULE 48. Commercial Docket