Common Pleas Court Judge Nicole L. Sanders

Honorable Nicole L. Sanders

Hamilton County Courthouse
1000 Main Street
Room 500
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Doris Vincent, Bailiff
Phone Number: 513-946-5770

Isaiah Lumpkins, Director
Phone Number: 513-946-5773

Alexis Deatherage, Certification Coordinator
Phone Number: 513-946-5777

Stephanie Jones, Specialized Docket Assistant
Phone Number: 513-946-5775

Hallie Wilt, Client Case Manager
Phone Number: 513-946-5780

Abigail Brodie, Specialized Docket Adm.
Phone Number: 513-946-5776

Fax Number: 513-946-5779



Contact the Bailiff for more information.



Motion Practice will be held every Friday.  Motions should be submitted to the judge at least 2 weeks before oral arguments.



Pre-trial Conferences are held Monday - Friday between 8 am and 9 am. Please be on-time.



The following are expected at all times:

  • Attorneys are expected to be prompt, professional, courteous and respectful at all times.
  • Counsel is expected to behave professionally and to act civilized toward each other, parties, witnesses and courtroom staff.
  • Attorneys should stand when addressing the court, questioning witnesses and when objecting.
  • Counsel must ask permission before approaching a witness or the bench.
  • If a case is in progress, attorneys should quietly wait until the bailiff becomes available.
  • If an attorney is going to be late, please contact the court bailiff as soon as possible.


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Room 500 Schedule

Monday - Thursday

8am - 9am      Pre-trial conferences with Public Defenders, Attorneys, Prosecutors, and Probation Officers

9am - noon    Court in session - regular Drug Court docket

*** Expungements - If there is an objection from the State, the expungement will be continued and notice provided to the party for appearance.


Zoom: The Court’s Zoom session can be accessed at: