Probation Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI)

Pre-Sentence Investigation

Probation  Officers complete Pre-Sentence Investigation   (PSI) reports  which  provide the  court thorough background information on offenders coming before the Court for sentencing. These reports include offense information, criminal history, biosocial information, law enforcement input, and risk assessment.

Common Pleas Pre-Sentence Investigations

Attorneys will see that their client reports to Room 153 of the Courthouse after Common Pleas Court. Attorneys will have with them the action request form (green sheet) generated by the courtroom. Defendants should allow approximately 60 minutes for processing and interview.

Municipal Court Pre-Sentence Investigations

Municipal Pre-Sentence Investigations (PSI) after court  will report to Room 153 of the Courthouse. Municipal defendants do not need an action request form (green sheet). Please allow approximately 30 minutes for interview. If the Municipal charge is OVI, the defendant needs to report to the 4th floor of 800 Broadway to have their interview completed.

Expungement and Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE)

To file for an Expungement or Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE), you will need to go to Room 315 of the Hamilton County Courthouse to fill out the required application. Expungements are free to file for charges that have been found ignored, dismissed, or not guilty. There is a fee for guilty or no contest charges to be expunged. When filing for a Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE), please have your drivers license, if applicable. Please visit for the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts fee schedule.

Due to limited seating in the Hamilton County Courthouse Room 153, we ask individuals accompanying defendants, to please wait outside of Room 153.