Municipal Rules 10



Pursuant to R.C. 1901.26, the compensation for transcripts made in criminal cases for appeals by request of the prosecuting attorney or the court, and copies of decisions and charges furnished by direction of the court, shall be paid from the county treasury and taxed and collected as other costs.

The Judge of the Municipal Court shall certify the amount of such transcripts or copies which shall be presented to the court administrator for processing. Such certification shall be a sufficient voucher to the County Auditor who shall forthwith draw his warrants upon the County Treasury in favor of such court reporters, provided the court is allotted sufficient funds to cover such costs.

Pursuant to R.C. 2301.24 and 2301.25, the fee for an original transcript of a court proceeding in either a civil or criminal case is on a per page basis as listed below. These rates are applicable as of September 10, 2012:

(a) Regular rate..............................$4.50 per page

(b) Expedited (by 8:00 A.M. the next calendar day) $7.95 per page

(c) 1-5 business days rate....................$5.95 per page

(d) 6-10 business days rate ................. $6.95 per page

(e) Realtime (unofficial transcript) rate.... $7.95 per page

The fee for a copy of a prepared transcript is $0.10/page for a paper copy or free for an electronic copy.

The fee for an ASCII disk or disks when purchased in addition to two or more paper transcripts of the same material shall be $50.00 for transcripts of 1000 pages or less and no charge for transcript of 1000 pages or more.

10.02 SCHEDULE OF FEES & COSTS - R.C. 1901.26, 1901.261, TRAFFIC RULE 13C, R.C. 2935.26 - CRIMINAL AND TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS BUREAU-(SUP R. 18) (revised 5/1/2013)

a. Collections in Courtrooms-Court Appearance:

Non Moving Traffic Costs $59.00
Computerization Fee $10.00
Legal Research Fee $3.00
Security Fee $2.00
General Special Projects Fees $26.00
RC 2949.091 $10.00
TOTAL $110.00


Moving Traffic Costs $35.00
Computerization Fee $10.00
Legal Research Fee $3.00
Security Fee $2.00
General Special Projects Fees $21.00
RRF-RC 2743.70 $9.00
RC 2949.091 $20.00
RC 2949.094 $10.00
TOTAL $110.00


Court Costs $35.00
RRF-RC 2743.70 $9.00
RC 2949.091 $20.00
Computerization Fee 10.00
Legal Research Fee $3.00
Security Fee $2.00
General Special Projects Fees $30.00
Crime Stoppers Fee/td> $1.00
TOTAL $110.00

b. Collections on Payouts Through Violations Bureau:

Please see Appendix B and "Certain Criminal Minor Misdemeanor Payouts" for payout amounts.

c. Supplemental Costs & Fees

Capias Recall Fee 25.00
Probation Fee-R.C. $20.00/month per probationer
Motion to Restore License $20.00
Filing Fee
Application to Waive $50.00

All construction zone violations cited on or after January 1, 1996 that are subject to R.C. 4511.98 or CMC 506.16, shall have the following payout amounts:

Original 4511.98/506.16 If Docketed If Capias
$25 $60 NA NA
$40 $90 NA NA
$60 $85 $105 $130
$114 $179 $199 $224
$114 $179 $199 $224
$154 $259 $279 $304
$274 $499 $519 $550
$374 $699 $719 $744
$72 NA NA/td>
5507.04 Subject to 4511.98/506.16 If Docketed If Capias
$103 $359 $379 $404
$304 $561 $581 $606
$145 $165 $190

10.03 Bond May Be Posted by Credit Card

Pursuant to ORC 2937.011(I)(3), the Clerk of the Hamilton County Municipal Court is required to accept a credit card with sufficient balance for a bond set pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code.

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